Radio Broadcasting

We are quality, reliability, proximity and flexibility for your radio.
We provide FM and OM radio broadcast services for national, regional and local broadcasters, as well as co-location, transportation, distribution, operation and maintenance. Our experience allows us to manage the largest private FM broadcasting technical network in Spain, and more than 30 medium wave sites, with more than 500 service points for broadcasters throughout Spain.

DTT Television

Our professionals and infrastructure are a guarantee of quality.

We offer all the capacity and services you need, from transport and transmission to deployment and start-up, as well as the integration of services and data applications. Supported by professionals who operate throughout the country 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We have exceeded 900 DTT television channels and points that we provide to our customers.



Axión has its own transport network on which it offers connectivity services and transport of audio, video or data signals.

We establish the most suitable protocol for each customer. Flexibility and granularity for Ethernet interfaces.

High level of availability and security with real time management.

Reserved capacity at 100%. Service to work as backhaul and access lines.



A wide network that responds.

This allows a rapid and secure deployment using the Axión network sites already operating. Our sites include uninterrupted power systems, air conditioning, remote management, remote control, multiple alarm detection systems, etc. In fact everything you need to achieve maximum quality and performance.


Critical networks and IoT solutions

Specialising in getting us connected.


Consulting, Engineering, Operation and Maintenance

Guarantee and service mark our commitment.