Commitment to our clients

Axión manages its activity, guiding it to meet the expectations and needs of its clients, always striving for continuous improvement.

The client is the key to success of the organisation. Analysis of their needs and expectations, the management of business and operations with the appropriate levels of quality are key elements in winning their loyalty. Today, more than 200 clients trust Axión, with a high rate of satisfaction, year after year.

All these aspects are included in our Quality Policy.

Likewise, an additional guarantee of our commitment to the client is the Axión certification in Quality Management Systems for the entire activity of the company; Terrestrial broadcasting of audiovisual signals and exploitation of telecommunication services, Project Design, Management of Telecommunication Infrastructures, Implementation of Critical Networks and Smart and IoT Solutions and platforms, according to the EN-UNE ISO 9001: 2015 standard.



Commitment to the environment

Environmental management and the concept of sustainable development are integrated into the company’s strategy, using environmental criteria in the planning and decision-making processes. Therefore, we are committed to the promotion of renewable energies and the efficient use of raw materials, thereby reducing our environmental impact.

In this regard, Axión goes one step further, publishing annually the sustainability report, which includes actions taken in the corporate, social and environmental areas, with an informative objective and consistent with our company’s commitment to Sustainability.


Guarantee of this commitment is the Axión certification in Environmental Management Systems based on the UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard.


Thanks to its involvement with sustainability, in 2017 Axión was named leader in the telecommunications sector by GRESB in its company infrastructures Evaluation.

For more information, please see our Environmental Policy

Access our Sustainability Report to find out more information about our social, economic, ethical and environmental performance.


Commitment to people

People constitute the most important asset of the company, with more than 140 highly qualified professionals who share a vision towards innovation in an environment of continuous change and a solid involvement in working with the highest standards in Occupational Health and Safety.

This vision is included in our Occupational Risk Prevention Policy.

 A guarantee of this commitment is the Axión certification in the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, based on the UNE-EN ISO 45001: 2018 standard.

In Axión it is assumed the commitment to sensitize, protect and promotee healthy work environments, continuous improvement and performance as a healthy company, as well as to advance health beyond the only work environment, promoting healthy lifestyles.
This vision is included in our Healthy Company Policy.

Publishing the 1st Equality Plan, Axión ratifies its commitment to the development of policies and measures that integrate equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, without direct or indirect discrimination on the basis of sex. Axión recognizes equal opportunities between women and men as a strategic principle within its people policy, assuming this principle in all areas, from selection to promotion, through remuneration policy, training, working conditions and employment, occupational health, conciliation and communication.



Commitment to innovation

Axión stands out for adapting to the changes in the market, anticipating the needs of our clients to meet their expectations. We develop new technologies in TV, radio, transportation and wireless communications integrated into our service chain and incorporate new technologies that are coming in fibre, 5G and innovative IoT solutions in our portfolio in advance.

compromiso con la ética

Commitment to ethics

In its Code of Conducts for Clients, Suppliers and Partners, Axión includes the guidelines for business conduct, which under the principles of responsibility, respect, integrity, transparency and fairness, seeks to establish the guidelines that all employees must follow in the performance of their work.

We are convinced that this guide will help us and will also help us to create more value to society and our own team of people, serving as a tool for continuous improvement.

The Axión Code of Ethics and Regulatory Compliance is the fundamental standard that establishes the general guidelines for mandatory action for all people who are part of the company.
The commitments of the Code are:

• To acquaint the ethical and legal standards and act accordingly.
• To be aware of the applicable law and regulations.
• To solve doubts and concerns in the exercise of our daily activities.
• To proceed with integrity.

Axión’s Code of Ethics and Regulatory Compliance has a Whistleblower channel defined, that is accessible to all the company’s stakeholders, including the staff, and allows us to confidentially communicate breaches of the Code of Ethics and any applicable regulations, as well as consult, comment or request information on any concern regarding compliance.