Services - Collocation

DAS and Small Cells

The demand for mobile data is growing at exponential rates, this demand is also very variable at each instant and location, depending on the influx of users to a specific place or in certain structures and buildings.

Axion has created the subsidiary Iberia Small Cell Networks, specializing in providing response to coverage to extreme densification environments and a growing demand for mobile telephony and data at high speed

Iberia Small Cell Networks offers distributed antenna systems (DAS) and Small Cells to expand the coverage and data transmission capacity to the different mobile operators in this type of site: High buildings, historical buildings, stadiums, railway stations, sports centers, shopping centers, etc.

Iberia Small Cell Networks manages the complete service in a neutral and compatible way for all operators, from the acquisition of the site and / or agreement with the owner, through the design, installation, maintenance and technological evolution of the equipment, becoming the single point of contact between owners and operators.

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