As part of the Television Broadcasting services, we provide DTT services for national, regional and local broadcasters, comprehensive service throughout the technical chain:

As part of the service, we carry out digital multiple management to adapt the content of the entire channel This management is totally neutral for all the televisions present and entails:

Axión offers custom design applications to each broadcaster on a platform based on the HbbTV standard for DTT or hybrid DTT. This service allows televisions connected to the Internet, among other facilities:

In Radio, we provide FM and OM radio broadcasting services for national, regional and local broadcasters



About transport
Axión has its own transport network on which it offers connectivity services and transport of audio, video or data signals.

Transport of audiovisual programming, from the customer’s study to its transmission and broadcast center between the different transmitting centers, using the transport system that best suits the needs of the customer and guarantees continuity of the service, with alternatives for local disconnections and switching, as well as coding and decoding of the signals and adapting to the existing regulation for the use of link frequencies.
Use of the system most suited to the customer’s needs and guaranteeing continuity of the service.: