Guarantee and service mark our commitment.
We supervise, operate and maintain infrastructure networks offering specialised services, we operate throughout the country 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We offer a complete service, including maintenance, the coordination of activities and the creation of follow-up reports. In addition, we have the necessary tools to offer reliable and quality remote management.

Platform for equipment and services monitoring for broadcasters
The system allows broadcasters to monitor their broadcasting centers to ensure the highest quality and reception of signals. The system can meet the technological needs of everyone thanks to the extensive experience of the infrastructure operator in audiovisual broadcasting and in open standards, which offers a platform of great flexibility.


Other features of the platform are:

Integral non-captive solution

Independence of the service provider´s system and equipment manufacturer. This is because the Axión platform is an integral and non-proprietary solution that avoids any type of captivity of equipment and even of the broadcast service provider.

In the cases in which Axión also makes use of the network to broadcast the service, it makes available to its clients web viewers that allow monitoring, with total transparency, of the service.

Monitoring in real time

Broadcasters can monitor and trace its network in real time through the platform. This has a visual and intuitive control panel with geographic location and is color coded to identify the status of the monitored broadcasting centers and possible alarms.

It also offers access to plans, images, photos, with helpful information and operational instructions for troubleshooting.




Can be hosted housed in the broadcaster CPD, in Axión data center or in a Tier III data center, what ensures a minimum annual system availability of 99.95%.