Services - Radio Broadcasting

Transport and Broadcasting

Transport of radio programming from the customer’s studio to the transmitter, using the system most suited to the customer’s needs and guaranteeing continuity of the service.

Radio links: Adaptation to the existing regulations for the use of link frequencies and analogue or digital technology; coverage and network extensions.

IP transport: Alternative solution to transport your audio signal from your studio to the transmitter.

Satellite transport: Guaranteed service for coding the associated audio and data signals, multiplexing and broadcasting over the spatial capacity of an associated satellite operator.

Broadcasting the radio signal via the largest broadcasting network of private FM radio in Spain, as well as a network of more than 30 Medium Wave sites.

Adaptation to the needs of radio broadcasters, including the coverage of their signal, designing the transmission systems to optimise the scope of their programs, and the configuration of the equipment, according to SLA requirements.

Switching between audio/disconnections: Alternatives to switching between two program sources. The transport of radio signals guaranteed by a second redundant transport pathway. Local disconnection allows switching from a main program to a local program and vice versa.