Services - Collocation

Infrastructure management

Directed to any national, regional or local operator that needs to rely on the available infrastructure or deploy new ones. Our proposal is that operators install their equipment in the network sites already in operation, which helps them to perform a faster and safer deployment. Our sites are equipped with all the necessary measures to obtain the highest quality and performance: uninterrupted power systems, air conditioning, remote management, remote control, multiple alarm detection systems, etc.

Benefits of co-location

  • Delimitation and security guarantees on the perimeter of the sites.
  • Implementation of individual and collective protection in accordance with our safety regulations.
  • Access to the sites and risk management guarantee security and deal with your requests via the Customer Service Center.
  • Quick start-up
  • Sites shared by different services: this allows you to have better control over your deployment costs. It also reduces the impact on the environment.
  • We create, extend and optimise your network ensuring at all times: a rapid deployment with controlled costs, installation of your equipment in sites with security guarantees that are easily accessible.
  • We ensure your network evolves easily, by offering: change or addition of antennas, antenna height adjustments, change of tilts or azimuths and preparation for the installation of space expansion to receive new technologies.
  • Our customers have the convenience of a single interlocutor to ensure all technical aspects.